A visit to the first store of influencer-driven online retailer NA-KD

Swedish fast fashion brand NA-KD started as an online fashion platform in 2015 and gained traction by collaborating with influencers to launch capsule collections. Already boasting 1.7 million followers on Instagram, the brand's most recent expansion is its first physical store that opened in the Netherlands on Friday.

Passing a farmers market with fresh produce to artisanal Dutch cheese to find the brand’s first store in a small and suburban shopping centre, the location of the social media driven brand shop may come as a surprise at first. One would expect the physical shop of a brand targeting millennials with the latest fashion to be located in the bustling and picturesque heart of Amsterdam. Instead, it chose Amstelveen, a small town just south of Dutch capital.

A DJ is playing while cocktails are served at the opening last week. “I wanted to bring back the boutique feeling”, says Penny Jane Ros, the owner of NA-KD’s first store. Stores are still needed in the streets, online and offline businesses can work together, she explains. In the middle of her story, she welcomes acquaintances and is busy talking to her mother and grandmother who are behind Rosmode, a store in the same shopping centre. The opening day of the 70-square-meter store feels like a party for family and friends, including to millennials who seemed well acquainted with NA-KD, and older generations curious to see what the buzz is about.


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