Digital transformation not only marks the dawn of a new corporate culture, a new mindset and a faster tempo. It will also result in changes to the demands of the whole of the professional world. Rather than the perfect CV, the required attributes will be the courage to try out new things, and make mistakes in order to learn from them and to improve. Fear of change needs to be left behind.

Flat hierarchies ensure fast feedback loops with the aim to act quicker and in a more agile way. The digital world needs connected working in cross-functional team and a mindset that no longer thinks competitively but allows collaborations – even across departments.

All this requires not only a mental rethink, but also a concept for new workplaces, away from individual offices to open structures that encourage interdisciplinary communication; and the creation of new job profiles. The fashion industry is increasingly driven by technology so the demand for so-called MINT jobs (Mathematics, IT, Natural Sciences and Technology) is growing. Graduates in these disciplines nevertheless often move straight to a start-up or tech company – where the salaries tend to be more lucrative – instead of starting a career in the fashion industry. This gives rise to new challenges for employer marketing, job portals and personnel consultants.



Digital killed average



– Average is dead.

– In a world that is connected we need to be the best on a global stage.

– The way we work in the future will be decided by how we will make data and technology our friends and allies.

– Real learning only comes from experience.

– If you’re gonna future proof your brand you need to start with yourself.

– In order to survive in the future we need to be really good at what we do. We cannot hide in one local market anymore. We’re competing with the world, whether we like it or not.



– We are acting on a global stage. However, the world isn’t one audience of average taste, average desires, and average size. We need to cater to each audience individually.

– When niche grows large enough it’s a business opportunity.

– The future isn’t about knowing. It is about testing, trying and learning by doing.

– Use your data, know your customer, add value.



Sofia Wingren was a natural choice for the position of chief executive officer at global learning organization Hyper Island. Before becoming our proud CEO in October 2016, Sofia worked for another successful Swedish education export, EF Education First. There, she held multiple senior positions in Switzerland and East Asia.  Sofia has a demonstrated history of managing successful change journeys with a strong international flavour. She harnesses her skills within business development, digital transformation, marketing strategy and sales, to bring Hyper Island’s diverse, wide-reaching portfolio of courses and programs to ever-wider audiences around the world.




"#FASHIONTECH BERLIN puts the spotlight on what’s current, provokes key influencers industry to think and act in new ways and supports a platform for the business network in fashion."






The powerful role that "Attitude" plays in transforming your organisation



– We are linear thinkers in an exponential world.

– With fear in your back you cannot move, you cannot innovate.

– Physical retail is just another channel.



– Be critical about experts. Shift from a knowing attitude to a learning attitude.

– Digital transformation starts with the individual and how open they are to change. From there, everybody carries this mindset into an organisation.

– To attract tech talent, the fashion industry needs to think about more attractive ways of working.



Christoph has been an entrepreneur since high school. After graduating from St. Gallen University, he co-founded a mobile phone reCommerce company which grew from 1M to 31M in revenue in less than 5 years. To scale the business he didn’t just add more manpower. Instead, he focussed on increasing individual productivity through latest online collaboration tools and new work methods, which eventually led him to establish Blackboat, a digital management and cloud consultancy firm, in 2012.

Alongside his official role of CEO of Blackboat, Christoph has also become well-known as a motivational keynote speaker on all topics surrounding ‘New Work.’ He has travelled throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria for his keynotes  and has held keynote speeches for some of the most successful companies in Germany, for example Axel Springer SE, Otto Group, Volkswagen AG and the Porsche Group.

Christoph is also active on the main social media platforms and most notably, shares his experiences, thoughts and ideas about #EndOf90iesIT and #futureofwork via fast-growing YouTube channel, youtube.com/christophmagnussen.

On top of that, Christoph is also Co-Founder of the ‘On the Way to New Work’ Podcast - one of Germany’s top podcasts in the business category - alongside Michael Trautmann. The Podcast interviews a wide variety of exciting guests which range from 15-year-old entrepreneurs to top CEOs such as Mathias Döpfner from Axel Springer SE. The Podcast releases content weekly on Mondays and currently has a total of 90 Episodes, with each episode reaching on average 10 - 15,000 listeners.



"One of the most dangerous things we can do professionally these days, is to remain only within our comfort zones. So much is happening around us, in particular with regard to technological advances, that we need people who spark new ideas. FASHIONTECH looks at the fashion industry from a different perspective and has the potential to be an event that can spark these new ideas within people, by showing the connections that can and should be made between fashion and technology."






– Collaboration is the new black.

– The biggest preventer of innovation is being convinced to know something.

– Why organisations fail or succeed? Three things: transparency, balance of power, and inclusive vs. exclusive entities.



– In the startup world a killing factor is whether someone is pitching as an individual or someone pitching as a team.

– Collaboration is key to innovation and performance.

– For collaboration, we need a shared mindset of how to communicate with others about failures. That drives team-effectivity.



Dr. Reza Moussavian is Senior Vice President of the HR division “Digital & Innovation “at Deutsche Telekom AG . The division promotes the digitalization of HR overall as well as supporting the digital transformation of business units. This encompasses the introduction of agile working methods, automation & appification of HR Services, design digital workplaces, enabling of digital collaboration and mobile working, consulting leaders in leading the digital age. Moreover, the area experiments with new technologies like chatbots, big data, artificial intelligence, mixed reality and blockchain in the context of HR.

Prior to joining Deutsche Telekom AG, he worked as managing partner at Detecon, the subsidiary digital consulting company of Deutsche Telekom. He was responsible for establishing new telecommunication companies and transforming established ones in the Middle East and Africa. Furthermore, his career path included positions at IBM and PWC. He completed his doctorate degree in innovation management in South Africa after studying business administration in Cologne, Germany.



"Every aspect of life and work is being transformed by technology. Thus, every business sector has to embrace technology in strategy, products and operations. Fashion+Tech=FashionTech is a logical and required way forward."