The fashion and lifestyle industries are as concerned with digital transformation as other industries are. Besides being influenced by creative disciplines such as art and beauty, fashion takes a lot of its creative potential from its liaison with music. 



We have talked to Michael about streeetwear trends, music, and what's the next big thing fashion digitalisation. 

What can the fashion industry learn from the music business in terms of digital transformation?

The music industry is a good example of how to almost miss the boat. For a long time they didn’t know how to adjust to innovation and a change in consumer behaviour. After years of confusion it is now accepted that music is consumed in lots of different ways. Some people buy vinyl, some use streaming services, others listen to the radio and many want to experience music live at concerts or festivals. At the end of the day it is all about a personal experience and it’s the same with fashion.

Streetwear and the so called "Hypebeast" trend are taking over fashion. What role does music play in this process?

Fashion is an extension of what artists wants to express with their music. This started in the golden age of MTV when you needed to have a special style to visualise your music. Madonna, Duran Duran, Culture Club, Grandmaster Flash or the Beastie Boys, they were all Hypebeasts of their time and were strongly inspired what was worn in the streets. Designer names were dropped in lyrics then — „Halston, Gucci, Fiorucci“ in the Sister Sledge’s „Greatest Dancer“ — and now. Today, almost every other song features fashion brands in their lyrics.

What’s next in regard to the digital transformation of the fashion industry?

In a few years everybody will have an avatar of themselves which will help us to experience fashion brands in a lot of different ways than we know today. And of course our own avatar will help us when we shop online.


Short Bio

Michael Michalsky is regarded as one of Germany’s most influential fashion designers.

Since his fashion design studies in London, he has worked as both design manager at Levi’s and global creative director for adidas. In 2006, he was appointed creative director for the luxury handbag brand MCM, where he served in several positions until 2018.

Since 2015 he has also been the creative lead for the doob group, a German 3D-technology company. 

In 2006, Michalsky set up his own lifestyle brand MICHALSKY in Berlin, which today offers fashion, footwear, accessories, perfumes, and eyewear. The brand portfolio has since been expanded to include the haute couture label ATELIER MICHALSKY, which serves the high-fashion segment. Exceptional quality, fine details, and elaborate processing are aimed at fashion- and quality-conscious customers with the highest demands on individuality. The brand’s credo: “Less mass, more style.” One of Berlin Fashion Week’s most prominent fixtures since 2010 is the MICHALSKY StyleNite, a cultural event which successfully combines fashion, music, and art. The StyleNite is widely regarded as the highlight of Berlin Fashion Week and enjoys extensive coverage by German and international media.

Michael Michalsky’s design expertise is also highly sought after beyond the fashion world. In response to this, he has established MICHALSKY LIVING, which offers sofas, wallpaper, carpets, and tableware. In addition, he founded the design agency MICHALSKY designLab in 2009, which undertakes design projects for international brands. In the fields of product design, interior design, corporate fashion, and show couture, Michalsky has collaborated with many renowned companies, including WMF, Marriott, Intel, P&G, Disney, and LG.

 Michalsky has already received several internationally renowned awards for his work, including the GQ Designer of the Year, the European Interior Design Award, and the German Design Award. This year, he was awarded the highly coveted Red-Dot-Award for the third time. Since 2016, Michalsky has also served as one of the judges alongside Heidi Klum on her famous talent-scouting TV show, Germany’s Next Topmodel. In 2018, the season featuring Michalsky scored the highest TV ratings in 5 years.

In 2009, VOGUE magazine crowned Michalsky as “the new German fashion king” and Karl Lagerfeld once remarked that “Michalsky is the only German designer worth knowing.”

Recently he has been appointed Creative Director for the revived 90’s brand Jet Set, which will be re-launched during Berlin Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019. 


We are looking forward to welcoming Michael Michalsky on stage at #FASHIONTECHT BERLIN on 4 July 2019!

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