The rise of the virtual influencer

With the rise of influencers comes a new breed of virtual fashion aesthetes, complete with supermodel looks and Instagram-worthy content: welcome the computer-generated influencer.

Meet Shudu Gram, the world’s first digital supermodel. Created by British artist Cameron-James Wilson, Gram is blessed with perfect symmetry, beautiful dark skin and exquisite features. She also has over 138,000 followers at the time of writing, despite being non-existent.

Ms Gram was created as an art project by Wilson, before she became a social media sensation, modelling a lipstick by Fenty Beauty or posing for a Balmain advertisement, albeit in 3D.

Wilson told AdWeek, "Gram’s artificiality has prevented ‘innumerable' fashion and beauty brands from trying to contract her for product plugs. Wilson claims that he has yet to take money for a sponsorship, but remains open to the idea.”

"I consider them all, but I have to think about which direction I want to take, in which direction I want Shudu to go in," Wilson said. "It has to fit - I just do not want to use it as a gimmick."



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