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ABOUT YOU digitized the traditional shopping stroll and creates a personalized shopping experience on the smartphone. The fashion online shop adapts to the individual style of each customer showing only relevant products and outfit suggestions. At ABOUT YOU, the customer is the focus. Thus, ABOUT YOU supports its customers to express themselves through fashion. In addition to the versatile inspiration at aboutyou.com and in the award-winning ABOUT YOU app, women and men between 18 and 49 years of age will find an assortment of more than 250.000 articles from over 1.200 brands.
Fashwire is a global marketplace providing 200+ designers from 25+ countries vital insight into consumer buying patterns by providing instant, targeted user data and feedback on the popularity of new ranges and future products. Recognized as the ‘tinder for fashion’, its swipe technology provides a hard metrics of consumer preferences in real-time. This provides its partnering brands vital insight into consumer buying patterns, allowing them to make better design and production decisions on the backend. With its data insight technology, Fashwire is primed to become a major global player in the digital transformation and consumer behavior sectors.   

Sensalytics is the Real-World Tracking Platform. Based on sensors combined with an analytical platform sensalytics provides KPIs for retailers to manage their campaigns, product placements and sales analytics. The Path Analytics solutions sets new standards in terms of analysing dwell times and hotspots. With this solutions sensalytics can track persons centimetre and seconds exact which enables retailers to analyse dwell times, cross-zone-behaviour and classifying visitors into groups (like “wanderers”, “shoppers”).
Certilogo engages high-value fashion and luxury consumers to authenticate purchases everywhere they shop, a disruptive digital service that, since it was created in 2006, has grown to serve 1 user every 8 seconds in 180+ countries and 10 languages. Authenticating a product engages consumers with a best-in-class digital experience before and after purchase, connecting them directly with the brands they love. The same real time results unmask clones and replicas of brand labels, safeguarding loyal customers and ensuring data integrity for products tracked in private databases and distributed blockchain ledgers.

Shopify is the world's leading cloud-based multi-channel shop system. Over 1.000.000 businesses worldwide use Shopify to design, build and manage their online stores across multiple channels, including web, mobile, social media, online marketplaces, retail and pop-up stores. As an all-in-one commerce platform Shopify reduces barriers to business owners and provides an easy to use shop system. Shopify is designed for reliability and scalability. Leading global brands such as Gymshark, Allbirds, Kylie Cosmetics or Red Bull already sell with the shop system - as well as young and upcoming companies such as Distorted People, Wildling Shoes and Buckle & Seam.


GANDT Ventures is a Swiss-based digital fashion consultancy and venture builder with an international team of digital-first and, entrepreneurial consultants. Together with our clients, we strategize, plan, develop, implement and launch digital products and services in the DACH region and the US. As sparring partners to C-levels and project owners, GANDT supports on a strategic as well as operational levels in all questions. We are digital experts in omnichannel marketing activities, data analysis & visualization and product & IT development. With this approach, the team supports existing digital fashion businesses strategically and with operational resources, consults in strategic buying decisions and launches new ventures for international brands.
Fashion Fusion is a program by Deutsche Telekom designed to shape our digital society and future by making the customer experience more complete, more tangible, personal, sustainable and always close to the body. Deutsche Telekom is enabler and strong partner for the movers and shakers from the fields of smart textiles and services. We merge worlds by connecting people, companies and whole branches.

minubo works daily to make retail companies even more successful with the help of data. Employees from all departments - whether in the headquarters or on the shop floor, whether with a strategic or operational focus - are enabled to make their daily decisions better and faster on the basis of data and to optimize processes with data support. Especially in times of market giants like Amazon & Co., the competitive pressure is especially high. Addressing the right customers, promoting the right products and using marketing budgets efficiently. The Business Intelligence solution solves the top 3 challenges of commerce companies that want to be data-driven in the Omni-Channel age: Strategy, Organization and Technology.
Heuritech is a cutting-edge technology company that provides fashion brands with the vision they need to stay ahead of today’s dynamic market and trends. Using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to translate real-world images shared on social media into meaningful insights, Heuritech empowers brands to forecast demand and trends more accurately, produce more sustainably, and achieve unprecedented competitive advantage.

Thimus is the first Italian Company entirely dedicated to customer neuroscience and biometry: a scientific approach to factors influencing a product, brand or experience impact on its intended target. We perform biological and cognitive measurements over previously agreed stimuli, in precise testing setups. Emotions and cognitive functions in human brains can be measured. That’s the big news.

Big data simplified, empowering your business to make fast and reactive decisions. TIYO Fast Mover identifies what products are selling the fastest and enables buyers and sellers to react to this and put forward own design products that are truly in demand.
SCROBLE is the bigdata and deeptech innovation and intelligence tool for fashion industry and users, which connects offline with online retail environments at new dimensions, enables offline retail to be a starting point for unique mobile digital user experiences and makes all data related to shopping and customer behaviour accessible to brands. The ground-breaking idea behind SCROBLE is the complete digitalisation of garments and the rendering of digitalised information into data that’s available anywhere anytime. We are turning the city retail into a sweet spot of interaction between users and products – with the help of smartphones, enabling new user-centric shopping reality without limitations between online and offline retail.
Modehandel Tracker
Mode Handel Tracker: Real-time Market Trends in Fashion Retail in Germany. Illustrated with Top Articles in DOB and HAKA. Important for Fashion Design, Marketing and Sales. Essential for Fashion Buying and Merchandising. Free. 

PREDIT is a cloud-native, artificial intelligence solution helping Fashion and Retail brands improve profitability of assortments and reduce risk and costs of unsuccessful products. Predit delivers machine learning predictive models built on structured and unstructured SKU data, gathered from ERP, e-commerce, technical sheets, pictures and natural language to support designers and merchandise planners in taking smarter data-driven decisions for the business.
BLVRD is the first search engine for local commerce fashion designed to match the buyers' 
journey of the digital generation. The concept is geared to align sales & marketing funnels of fashion retailers with the online search behavior of nowadays’ customers, thus retrieving range and visibility. Users can search for products like on any other e-commerce platform and will receive product information regarding price, size, color selection and availability of their local stores. BLVRD leads customers straight to the stores and digitizes the local buying behavior. Furthermore the solution enable local shopping to be faster than online purchases, avoiding returns and packaging.

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